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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,040 – May 2 2019

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Clues Answers
A group of soldiers in pristine tower MINARET
Adventurous boy from Surrey was motivated to return TOMSAWYER
Annoying lump wanting leader to form coalition UNION
Bears almost killed badger HASSLE
Birds love good person with lots of bread OSTRICHES
Call on man for shelter COVERING
Characters regularly in vogue turned unconventional OUTRE
Current individual reflected in middle of mirror is artist RENOIR
Discussions with head of science to replace learner’s assignments TASKS
Doctor’s run, gone dubiously to hide money in France? NEUROSURGEON
Excitedly glance over unlimited baked food ANGELCAKE
Fancied playing European opposition DEFIANCE
In unnatural manner — as long-legged entertainer walks? STILTEDLY
Joins course for sportspeople LINKS
Matter requiring most of London police THEME
Nice-looking cab carrying daughter east HANDSOME
No way alcohol is remedy NOSTRUM
Part of wheat surplus sent away from borders GLUTEN
Roughing up lout is no answer SOLUTION
Row with Heather is vexing RANKLING
Soggy batter rejected and withdrawn MARSHY
Soldiers on mountains in test about alienation ESTRANGEMENT
Sparkling silver accompanying cooked meal AGLEAM
Suspect rogue spy stays on campsite GUYROPES
Take back hunting hound, no good at all UNDO
Tea I need to prepare for confined person DETAINEE
The Parisian with fever a distance at sea LEAGUE
Warning! Cockney’s in north OMEN
With time in force, start to rumble fraud IMPOSTER
Your old mate heaving at aromatic plant THYME