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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,041 – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Attic poet looking silly in undergarment PETTICOAT
Being awfully mean, one restricts useful services AMENITIES
Bill with minimal amount of money creates stress ACCENT
Come to an end, being dismissed by umpire RUNOUT
Doctored drink for mouse MICKEY
Draw back from sports ground with slimy liquid RECOIL
Fellow getting into shelter turned up in coat ENAMEL
Female invited into garden not wanting a soft soil MUD
Find out what upsets sectarian ASCERTAIN
Gesture of acceptance or refusal received finally NOD
Goddess of love could make OAP dither APHRODITE
High-up person to abuse king SLATER
Little kid grabs mum having nothing that’s suitable to eat TOMATO
Not forced to have floral decoration, as it would seem LEISURELY
Number getting cross twice in ancient Rome TWENTY
Old city ceremony starts to excite individuals immensely POMPEII
Old rocker back in Paris is generating hate DETEST
People primarily wanting freedom? We’ve heard that before PLATITUDE
Push out old boy over time getting ill-mannered OBTRUDE
Queen beset by an ordeal departed ATREST
Remarkable bird tweeting initially having been caught STARTLING
Report of European friend in position of defeat CHECKMATE
Sketchy summary that’s not entirely accurate PRECIS
Soldiers completely capturing small island, as is necessary REQUISITE
Some begging for a drink GIN
Speed of soldiers maybe, intelligent when confronting the enemy QUICKTIME
Stone Margaret’s turned over GEM
Stuffy girl I embarrassed UNAIRED
Supporting what’s proposed in meeting for sales campaign PROMOTION
The girl’s climbing tree? That’s nothing really new REHASH
Unfashionable team having emerged from the tunnel? OUTSIDE
What patient may do before subsequent transplant is despair LOSEHEART