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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,046 – May 9 2019

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Clues Answers
… Sun accepts also end of naked model STANDARD
A year taking course leads to indifference APATHY
Abrupt decline, possibly becoming erratic UNPREDICTABLE
Blow from behind is astern DISASTER
Company, commonly the man’s company, right? ESCORT
Conservative facing constituent crony rejected nonsense CLAPTRAP
Deliveries, reportedly, for docks BERTHS
End dimensions’ limits admitting time slows down RETARDS
Great acting performed about return of Private Ryan? GIGANTIC
Inordinately large instrument TOOL
Insect runs around top of orange plants BEETROOTS
Justify former suggestion to pen Sun’s leader … EXCUSE
Learning to be saucy following diet? LITERACY
Magnificent until group covers Queen TOWERING
Make do on street without sharp turning CONSTRUCT
More current needs electricity with extra resistance initially NEWER
Most open new undergarment clothes top NAIVEST
Name of church started around mid-century CHRISTEN
Practically excellent friend for ever FINALLY
Prevent state terrorism’s source AVERT
Related a passage including start of novel AGNATE
Seams seen in short stockings? Goodness! HOLINESS
Single, going round clubs in the past ONCE
Small, dark and bright SUNLIT
Speech elongated keeping level ECHELON
Support for rider’s foot wearing spur? STIRRUP
This compiler’s exercise catching innocent in deadlock IMPASSE
Tough as iron facing one’s gutless temerity FEISTY
Worried, I got nervier at questioning INTERROGATIVE
Yale is broken with little effort EASILY