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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,053 – May 17 2019

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Clues Answers
A little drink and girl’s beginning to get unwell GILL
Arrogance of one in charge of paper is upsetting SIDE
Artist wants Guinness maybe when eating fish PORTRAYER
Bad harvest __ it’s not hard to be very hungry STARVE
Best old friend embraces tiny boy in Christmas story OPTIMAL
Charged as signified, the first character to be brought out INDICTED
Dejection ends as first sign of smile breaks out SADNESS
Extraterrestrial beings? They could give man a stir MARTIANS
Female novelist conjuring up pure unheard maid DAPHNEDUMAURIER
Food dish — dad swallows a stone PASTA
Gaudy insect on outside of tree FLASHY
Girl awfully lonely, having lost love NELLY
Good science that is evident in a form of cooking GASTRONOMY
Greek character is quietly retreating PSI
Had tot to be heard in four groups of parents? EIGHTSOME
Lacking joy and merriment, having little energy in fact FUNEREALLY
Maidens perhaps work out — too much exercise may produce this OVERSTRAIN
Not completely prepared for study READ
Now and then look at princess on horse DIPINTO
One not first to grab work, offering negative response NOPE
Orator to provide series of letters for someone making a book? SPELLBINDER
Possible financial agreement ahead of a match PRENUP
Procession is cut, notice having interrupted it PARADE
Retreating sailor, a deserter RAT
Ruin created by little son, mad fellow? SHATTER
The blues tunes — millions I’d played DISILLUSIONMENT
Time with hint of modernity, as seen in car being developed RENAISSANCE
Very big female singer with rock group — maker of current waves OSCILLATOR