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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,056 – May 21 2019

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Clues Answers
Adding to list long liner that’s wrecked ENROLLING
An artist must accept party runs microstate ANDORRA
Bloody battle that’s needed if text is poor REDACTION
Boffin whose brains might be scrambled? EGGHEAD
Centre corruptly holding diamonds in reserve RETICENCE
Cross found inside among relics MONGREL
Damage barrier in Kentish Town? MARGATE
Decorated knight in love with daughter ADORNED
Eagle in whirling descent LINEAGE
Eastern sailor ran up to tell story NARRATE
Fast driver expert in Rolls-Royce RACER
Fierce person finally investing in bank TIGER
Get stuffed in French valley ENGORGE
Greek leader soon capturing brave Frenchman AGAMEMNON
Gristle found in horrid garlic tea CARTILAGE
Laurel for one remaining fresh and vital EVERGREEN
Material from novelist Heyer? GEORGETTE
Mug — I had nothing to fill it! IDIOT
Nonsensical legal or musical term ALLEGRO
Old king to tread on chicken STEPHEN
One providing better information? TIPSTER
Performer in part is terrible ARTISTE
Police initially called to crash PRANG
Process of reduction in capital growth? HAIRCUT
Renowned editor after new books NOTED
Second wife ultimately better locked up SECURED
Sentimental feeling unfortunately lost again NOSTALGIA
She sought solitude in dress circle GARBO
Sink to keep clear in meals alcove DINETTE
Spirited quartet taking beer outside ALIVE
Stone jar containing nickel GRANITE
Trouble in service supplying gas RADON