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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,059 – May 24 2019

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Clues Answers
A bit of food poet left unfinished — more than enough? ABUNDANT
Accomplished lady, the first to be grabbed by a child left abandoned ACHIEVED
Agent in trick to supply material CREPON
Allow only some children — a blessing! ENABLE
Allows good tirades GRANTS
Behave unreasonably and forget to leave the bus? GOTOOFAR
Bigwig, fellow with endless audacity MANDARIN
Bird to make noise descending on a road BUZZARD
Change in respect of what might be conjured up for the future? REVISION
Dietary practice saving me pounds VEGANISM
Fashion of country estate, reportedly MANNER
Fellow member in strike showing hesitation DALLYING
Gem given polish, sparkly finally RUBY
Imposing old ladies organise bets DOWAGERS
Jumping cats in extraordinary goings-on ANTICS
Location around island for fish PLAICE
Mostly hoping to find an answer to pain? ASPIRIN
Number in the hat shop creating upset CAPSIZE
Number will lose heart — that’s understood SEEN
People’s competition RACE
Piano engineers repeatedly fixing note (E) for significant performance PREMIERE
Proper exercises for certain bishops PRIMUSES
Question about a totally heartless crook in phony business QUACKERY
Radiate somehow, wearing a little crown TIARAED
Show long film? There’s extremes of disappointment about it DEPICT
Sort of guard to have priest held up in vessel JAILER
Squeeze discarded lover — wrong! EXTORT
Superior little place and it’s high above the meadows UPLAND
This puzzle shouldn’t take that long? Yes, right! YEAR
What’s charged to cover part of play rehearsal? PRACTICE
Wife having got healthier, one may go to work at sea WHALER
Woman and husband in the French vehicle rolling over RACHEL