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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,063 – May 29 2019

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Clues Answers
A name adopted by players before a game CANASTA
Academic priest set up outline PROFILE
Agreement from politician blocking company law COMPACT
Anomaly of hesitation by sailor with allowance ABERRATION
Can’t care about eating American lobster perhaps? CRUSTACEAN
Case to be heard before tea out will be cut short TRUNCATE
Caution mostly needed with favourite blanket CARPET
Choker’s speech in audition TORC
Code will be broken with strange behaviour DECORUM
Commission centre-page spread PERCENTAGE
Complete musical about love finding things to wear OVERCOATS
Defeat, being exposed on east of border ROUT
Downgrade emissary on outskirts of Rome RELEGATE
Gallery’s last debt regularly rescheduled TATE
Incisive Tory, oddly with charm TRENCHANT
Join in support of European issue EMERGE
Minister’s place of sin probed by a tabloid VICARAGE
Not one of the favourites is rude to eccentric OUTSIDER
Person running a business exercise welcomed by speaker OPERATOR
Place of army officer after evicting tenant LIEU
Point, satisfied with small blouse? FULLSTOP
Property of beer in a setter upset REALESTATE
Relevance of demeanour? BEARING
Rests having broken pride on board ship SPIDERS
Right about man being rejected for acceptance RECEIPT
Sickness that’s a value in North America NAUSEA
Smooth Italian supporting quiet area for kids to play in SANDPIT
Sort of person found in advertising legacies SINGLE
The chances of a view PROSPECT
Turns aside, seeing weaknesses across line DEFLECTS