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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,064 – May 30 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Fish and loaves’: abridged introduction to miracle BREAM
Abandoned surgery after doctor and deputy retired DROPPED
Article among overturned clothes carried over water SEABORNE
Avian scavenger twisted ear in marine mammal SEAGULL
Celebrity Republican ditched by model FAME
Cockney’s mostly not tight with money EASTENDER
Delights of hour immersed in birdsong THRILLS
Dig out victim QUARRY
Diminutive characters eat, and sink rum MUNCHKINS
Fantastic murals represented with love MARVELLOUS
Fragrant European bread found in Ostend regularly SCENTED
Green land vacated following Space Age EMERALD
In county to the north, knight with great power STRENGTH
King in huff; note Queen is more lovely PRETTIER
Let off in posh car, getting traveller’s complaint JETLAG
Mistranslated Latin, being unclear INTANGIBLE
Neutrals perplexed about singer Peter’s commercial arrangement SALEANDRETURN
Port, offal and game on table LIVERPOOL
Relationship with wine making one sanguine BLOODRED
Replacing leader with daughter, far lower in rank DEMOTE
Restless natives, far from the most wise? NAIVEST
Scorch grass close to furnace SINGE
Small present containing soft ball SPHERE
Unearthly beings lifted in possessed dog I medicated DEMIGODDESSES
Walk east with companion outside ALLEY
Whiskey in short measure is a con SWIZ
With leads removed, pups get anxious UPSET
With respect to gran, dirge played REGARDING