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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,065 – May 31 2019

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Clues Answers
Ailments needing tablets, relieving the head ILLS
Cheer from unruly yahoo outside front of restaurant HOORAY
Choral music’s central character, eccentric university type? SCHOLAR
Cry, given report of Trump’s barrier? WAUL
Declares a piece of poetry ‘inadequate’ AVERS
Detective briefly restricts terrible riot in US city DETROIT
Go towards a silvery fish, keeping very quiet APPROACH
Job of female leading one church organisation to facilitate communication POSTOFFICE
Limited number operating for a time NOON
Man who may be a lumberjack? FELLER
Minister is tense, having got nothing right PASTOR
Old-fashioned secretary taking various notes STENO
One creating trouble is meek if charm is found out MISCHIEFMAKER
One day, having got tiddly, refused to budge SATTIGHT
One to grumble about order more clearly expressed? COMPLAINER
Oppose criminal boldness CONFRONT
Piece on US gangster’s virility MANHOOD
Pleasing little stone shelters SWEET
Shelter any number repeatedly in part of boat KENNEL
Spoke angrily, being broke? SNAPPED
This plant may be poisonous — peril I knew about PERIWINKLE
Tidiest garden reconfigured and broken into smaller units DISINTEGRATED
What a surprise, baddy has gone round country house! DACHA
What’s ‘common’ with beastly connotation? HORSESENSE
What’s only partially found, ocean wreck UNDO
Wild mammals? Just pussies, as you might say MEERKATS