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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,086 – Jun 25 2019

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Clues Answers
Almost a disaster — the gin ran out NEARTHING
Coverings that could make a shy mask? YASHMAKS
Dig up former partner: strong smell emanating initially EXHUME
Direct tax for part of policeman’s job POINTDUTY
Fast-running water: such a tedious thing BORE
Friend finally cries having left girl ALLY
Geek spotted in diner, dribbling NERD
Hand-me-down: what next in line might use for clothing? HEIRLOOM
Inspect former atomic explosive device EXAMINE
It’s dangerous, worldwide organisation having strongbox UNSAFE
Lead quietly, getting over bad back PLUMBAGO
Men in depots kneaded bread? DOORSTEP
Missing milk? It could be thrown into yon drain! NONDAIRY
More crooked and possibly better at being kept in the dark? SHADIER
No — crazy is the beginning of mind wandering NOMADISM
Normal type of flag STANDARD
Oil’s too much, love! OTTO
One who flies, American’s in particular part of airport RUNAWAY
Poor ailing animal NILGAI
Prince possibly not coming back for this dance CHARLESTON
Pulling out, seeing tense resistance in challenging surroundings EXTRACTING
Reply obtained from letter I posted RIPOSTE
Save one’s thanks for person serving drinks BARISTA
Scrap fish in sort of pudding DUMPLING
Screen type that’s part of donor’s contribution? PLASMA
Smart clothing genius assembled with lout LOUNGESUIT
Standing and helping to hold book ABIDING
Strange fellows having first bit of trouble in scrap ODDMENT
Sudden eruption — and, reportedly, what might stifle it? ATISHOO
Wrapping up love-token, in a place where the match might happen? BOXINGRING