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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,197 – Nov 1 2019

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Clues Answers
A moister ground arises from spray ATOMISER
African queen maybe entertaining 999? BENINESE
Composer’s sister said to be in ruin MISHANDLE
Disgraceful riot soon breaking out — university steps in NOTORIOUS
Drug I accept will work, getting rid of torment finally IPECAC
Emergency set-up, product that sells quickly HOTLINE
Form of entertainment that’s loud and dishonest FUNFAIR
Fruit in cold drink son removed CHERRY
It’s nothing, darling! LOVE
Leading quartet of Cavaliers missing in rolls LISTS
Like teacher, editor and social worker featured in illustration PEDANTIC
Most horrible whopper punching guts naughtily UGLIEST
Old Roman spies given new name under cover CINNA
One about to enter Iberian FC entrance PORTICO
One of 11 misbehaving in resort ROSTER
One who changes sides, finding fault with common soldiers DEFECTOR
Party offering drinks facility? Then get canned, drunk! BARNDANCE
Player on bench that’s got diminished is farmed out elsewhere SUBCONTRACTED
Quiet and initially wild like a sorcerer? SHAMANIC
Rose in journey on male beast GOTUP
Sleep needed by relations — some linen must be provided NAPKIN
Splendid Scottish university, one taken over by English STERLING
Super present from creepy pupil in New York BIGAPPLE
This could be Anita the writer, ladies and gentlemen! LOOS
Tot by sea in Brittany in holiday season SUMMER
Transformation of construction firm — hurt’s been nasty REFURBISHMENT
Wacky quality of sentimentality combined with shortage of subtlety GOOFINESS
Water flowing in street in the morning — engineers brought in STREAM
Woman associated with garden books as part of festival EVENT
Wonderful king embraced by chum gets to soften up MACERATE