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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,352 – May 1 2020 – Puzzle Solutions

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
African native’s wife painting house close to Johannesburg WARTHOG
American willing for piano to be completely stripped ILLINOIAN
Approaching rogue in anger NEARING
Bird’s right din on far side of mineral spring SPARROW
Bodily organ with another, heart excised previously EARLIER
Characteristic rush to return eastern currency no longer in use TRADEMARK
Current of air upended the short beefeater? DRAUGHT
Cutting back on beer in bar EXCERPT
Dog on a hill, one overseeing museum CURATOR
Empty fund, excited to acquire house finally UNFED
Engineer drew that inn using pen, perhaps HANDWRITTEN
Facial expression noble Anne changed before church COUNTENANCE
Given pseudonym that’s appropriate upset male journalist NICKNAMED
Hotel losing all contents: utter thief uncordial and nasty HURTFUL
Intern cleared out skip coming to us INBOUND
Little bit odd in empty catacomb CRUMB
Marked lack of cuddling partner NOTED
Meaningful narration TELLING
Noticed about ladder at regular points going up in sewers NEEDLES
Officers from university caught in fib by those renting LIEUTENANTS
Opinion lad adopts TAKESON
Player’s problem intense playing with large fiddlestick TENNISELBOW
Rodents metres below river covered in hard frozen water HOUSEMICE
Secure area to the north in Asian country CHAIN
Tool and plug put in scrap BRADAWL
Warrior spirit reflected in development of Asia SAMURAI
Works ever so frantically outside for all to see OEUVRES
Young beast bit German neighbour TADPOLE