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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,526 – Nov 20 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
As a result, remainder will be most upset SOREST
Characters axed by EastEnders AITCHES
Deputy whip interrupts small row STANDIN
Favoured offspring reportedly given sack — that is fired AIRRIFLE
Flash employer that clears out pests MOUSER
Get support from bottom place? Sad! SITDOWN
Haunt of bosses for recreation OBSESS
In retirement care, volunteers turning up lay it on thick OVERACT
Inoculate for treatment? Odds on that would be guessing SPECULATION
My bags laden in the wrong order — it’s a riddle COLANDER
Name of writer of novels and Three Sisters BRONTE
No flight needed to visit here GROUNDFLOOR
Novelty tat, e.g. dagger cases from the East GADGET
Occasionally appearing old, a group trains over common NATURAL
One carries out sting, sending top officer into prison in disguise SCORPION
One goes across, apparently, and one can turn either way SPANNER
Pick up stray following mischief-maker IMPROVE
Ray’s arrows SHAFTS
Revere joins up to undermine English ESTEEM
Something enjoyed in Germany, South Africa and America: dates SAUSAGES
Son will get dope and slump SLOWDOWN
Take first drive to see what’s before you, as we say, on holiday TEEOFF
They come from across the Atlantic in tugs to go round eastern Spain YANKEES
We must join in rioting for leftie that’s big in Paris EIFFELTOWER
Where many academics go and yak, maybe getting cross OXBRIDGE
Where problems for examination are solved by specialist on paper AGONYCOLUMN
Where things get strained, learning religion with glitzy trappings REFINERY
Who’s relatively representative of an entire nation? UNCLESAM