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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,631 – Mar 24 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
‘Just use the oars’, as said by some ruler once PHARAOH
… characteristic of city pal needing reform TYPICAL
Amorous old criminal’s rank MALODOROUS
Bad feeling, seeing the enemy number in here PRESENTIMENT
Badmouthed missing leader and co-ordinated ALIGNED
Black Sabbath’s first shoots JETS
Casual worker of Bond villain and valet ODDJOBMAN
Crazy graduates needing to take time BATS
Defeats political enforcers WHIPS
Dissertation on case of security and origin of nuclear fusion SYNTHESIS
Emergency call about right types SORTS
Entertainment on board could be playing cards with matches DECKGAMES
Family found in street with no money SKINT
International clients in trouble must accept answer lacking flexibility INELASTIC
Knowing of conflict within hospital department AWARE
Lab working with kitchen solvent INTHEBLACK
Manage to convince, perhaps cuddling wife SWAY
Martial arts exponent’s area that’s protected GREENBELT
Natural love must come before caring about … ORGANIC
Officers with negative response from French company upset sergeant-major NONCOMS
Parish priests uncovered crime ARSON
Projection from nine players given promotion TENON
Queen’s supporting band (heavy metal) and will be instigator RINGLEADER
Quietly showing discretion about one empty lorry holding up vessel TACITURNLY
Rap session partially used for recess APSE
Show of hesitation by English dog trader ETAILER
Staying power in a man — it’s unusual! STAMINA
The case for a two-day visit? OVERNIGHTBAG
The Mousetrap benefitted from this extended ladder LONGRUN
This slippery type left one alone finally going west EEL
Villain caught associate surrounded by proceeds of robbery SCALLYWAG