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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,632 – Mar 25 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
A band going across Africa and many other places EQUATOR
A little bird, you might surmise, in a passage getting food? GULLET
Bringing diverse people together maybe for a mathematical exercise INTEGRATION
Community of women in Algiers sadly having nothing SERAGLIO
Covering article smuggled aboard by pirate CANOPY
Fish __ a bit of food served up TUNA
Holy person drinks nothing __ I drink too much SOT
Irritable Charlie, a drop-out CHIPPY
Island offering some music or fun CORFU
King’s one to upset country ISRAEL
Linger endlessly in south coast location HOVE
Moral slip-up first ignored in part of the church? APSE
Old political group ultimately deficient in style OPART
Once again picks up a learner to offer practice REHEARSAL
One making a point, taking the lead? PENCILSHARPENER
One on the up __ was model first to be taking off? SATIRISING
Polite padre awkward with ‘flighty’ types LEPIDOPTERA
Snake reached ground, circling round very quietly COPPERHEAD
Space in which a member can feel comfortable? LEGROOM
Spot unruly servant creating trouble at work? STOPPAGE
Tease fellow GUY
Terrible army, one coming down __ I’m in a state MARYLANDER
Vehicle meeting arch losing its front __ one may be charged CARTRIDGE
Very emotional leader of Conservatives appearing in absurd hairstyle HYSTERICAL
What could be too unfeeling as a worldwide organisation LEAGUEOFNATIONS
Wild ground in home counties offers cover SHEATHE
Woman showing purpose, the first person to get stuck in ENID
Yours truly will entertain poet, being a person of fashion MODISTE