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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,633 – Mar 26 2021 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Trouble and strife’ should get album maybe __ or daughter? DISCORD
A skill to cut delicate material according to taste ALACARTE
A very quick shower? METEORITES
Artist’s following arrived, one holding pictures CAMERA
Bridge __ one cad played, church official ARCHDEACON
Egg on show, sandwiching in order PROVOKE
Extremists on Twitter, wound up, went viral TRENDED
Instrument that makes money for the listener LUTE
Make confused commercial __ not working, missing an intro ADDLE
Massive water rushes TIDALWAVES
Naughty niece, imp wanting something for Christmas? MINCEPIE
Notices notices put up! SEES
One may be tall and long __ stark even, occasionally PINETREE
One wants to join another class and do something in the garden SOCIALCLIMBER
Prepares to fight when invaded by marines ARMS
Show involving servant and soldier PAGEANT
Six-love, with nothing returned __ one’s played painfully at times VIOLIN
Some rock and lead, say, have melted and tamely liquefied HEAVYMETAL
Song lifted Solo, spy lacking inside CALYPSO
Sordid play seen off and on __ or ignored in this way? ODDLY
Spluttered: ‘Hot and cold running over!’ SPAT
Tasty chops wife devoured with group MOUTHWATERING
Tease about lack of youth and bony frame RIBCAGE
The Spanish leading on opening stretch ELONGATE
This woman’s bit of caramel is salty MELISSA
Unsettling hint admitted in parts by disguised noble DISTINGUISHED
Wealthy upper-class fast to support surgeon’s work OPULENT
Where most of us go at five to eleven? PRIMARYSCHOOL