The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,746 – Aug 5 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Bottom line leading to change REARRANGE
Came out depressed after fine FLOWERED
Carafe of French nectar drunk DECANTER
Changing usual partner is miraculous SUPERNATURAL
Delay sailors eating eats TARDINESS
It’s cooler in Alaska, maybe REFRIGERATOR
Massive decrease in fossil fuel COLOSSAL
Messing around time for minor FOOTLING
Note finally held in own pitch HEAVE
Officer rose, say, accepting one good promotion BRIGADIER
Old lady regretted backing state GRANDEUR
Old man embarrassed getting peeled PARED
Panorama is understood to be broadcast SCENE
People seen, at last, working COBBLERS
Perfect control embracing female sweetheart REFINE
Poor dog with appendage possibly docked CURTAILED
Possibly bleached, like chicken ASHEN
Potential Prince in haze about Queen FROG
Regulations of frontiers without opening ORDERS
River Dart ultimately divided TRENT
Socialist leader threw Right over CASTRO
State beds for deliveries BIRTHS
Strong beer, holding bottle opener? ABLE
Superficial account found in dossier FACILE
Support victim being picked up SUCCOUR
Trail taking opposite directions back SPONSOR
Tries purchasing top of trouser suit HEARTS
Weaker person could be unusually grounded UNDERDOG
Weapon, long and narrow, cuts enemies initially LANCE
Window when framed by putty? CASEMENT

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