The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,749 – Aug 9 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Battle station WATERLOO
Behind, in arrears REAR
Check strange diet EDIT
Collapse having crashed on trip DOWNFALL
Country importing a Greek perfume FRAGRANCE
Drink supplied by editor — I’m unwell, sickly, outside MULLEDWINE
Famous guitarist from LA — EP’s unusual, extremely unusual LESPAUL
Farm animal, male, put in place for scientific research LAMB
Fish in the morning up overlooking turbulent creek and lake MACKEREL
Gay old eccentric eager to return Cockney’s fiver? LADYGODIVA
I must go in to protest at decline DEPRECIATE
Informed team’s leader, getting on in years TOLD
Keep away from car crash, having taken time off SHUN
Kiss and cuddle Charlie, a silly person CANOODLE
List of soldiers with unit initially MENU
Live with rest, not posh RESIDE
Mates brought back put up with custard-pie comedy? SLAPSTICK
Musical instrument in grip on top of case SQUEEZEBOX
No more than fair JUST
Not as many to anoint? Bishop’s not required LESS
Old fire engine in Dresden goes out after end of bombing GREENGODDESS
On which a duck may be recorded? SCORESHEET
One maliciously damaging vehicle, youth going north VANDAL
One of the Roosevelts confused one earl ELEANOR
Party left public house with popular swimmer DOLPHIN
Rare panic involving copyright SCARCE
Sailor tucking into biscuits, quality items crackerjacks
Sales pitch about a new dog SPANIEL
Snag involving base using the latest science? HITECH
Vessel catching sole at sea for bulk trader WHOLESALER

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