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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,752 – Aug 12 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
A bishop is performing at back of hotel as member of a group HARRISON
A bit of office equipment where Mickey lives? MOUSEPAD
Australian territory featured in leading woman’s book launches maybe EVENTS
Caledonian revolutionary had to be frustrated SCOTCHED
Divided group of women — fifty granted entry CLOVEN
Employer you serve ‘heartily’ USER
Female stops collecting silver pieces of little value FAGENDS
Fervent participator in craze — a lottery ZEALOT
Filling food set out — stray dog gets stuck in STODGE
Flower arrangements fellows placed around rented accommodation CHAPLETS
Food item fly has left momentarily BRIE
Girl has nasty time with love restricted VIOLET
Give out audible greeting to old lover EXHALE
Good run makes one happier GLADDER
Idler drifting around an island IRELAND
In reduced circumstances, suffering in purdah HARDUP
Investigate report of European getting made public CHECKOUT
It’s obvious having journalist registered PATENTED
Junk is not moving at bottom of stream JETTISON
Lower classes see one ruling cruelly DESPOT
Maiden maybe initially anxious getting married — being this? OVERAWED
Mark out ground in which to place hospital in capital KHARTOUM
Models talk — ‘news’ with no content PATTERNS
Number about to be trapped by beast — not the type gentlemen prefer? BRUNETTE
Number in favour announced FOUR
Owl in here? A change is needed to accommodate one AVIARY
So rudely misbehaving, creating the wrong impression DELUSORY
Some French revolutionary had to calm down SEDATE
Something that’s left after death in car? ESTATE
Two pints had with hesitation? Half a pint would be such a fraction of that! QUARTER
Way someone good hugs oak? STREET
Wine creates bewilderment — head goes HOCK