The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,755 – Aug 16 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
A daughter with American university grant ADMIT
A mile in pilot ship STEAMER
Advantage of golf club bar opening EDGE
Affectionate form of address from elderly head OLDBEAN
Anxious about supplying sweets DESSERTS
Beaming with joy, speak wildly about aid that’s been raised RADIANT
Best possible players in drama meet cast DREAMTEAM
Briefly examine small item of jewellery STUD
Broadcasting, omitting old style of jazz SWING
Crest of game bird, part shed RIDGE
Endless wretchedness for Scrooge, say MISER
Exemplary Medical Officer was first to be retired MODEL
Father and son, second to qualify PASS
Former deed, precise EXACT
Former professor maybe rues time wasted EMERITUS
Hacker’s threat? Children’s author admits bitter upset RANSOMWARE
I balanced precariously to get ribbon ALICEBAND
Last of acts tucking into casserole in popular place HOTSPOT
Leave a lecturer defending prohibition ABANDON
On the alert, wife thought, on vigil WIDEAWAKE
Remainder live across Uruguay’s capital RESIDUE
Scottish town engineering firm used DUMFRIES
Season a little with a culinary herb, they say SUMMERTIME
See why a comic’s rubbish EYEWASH
Separate row that includes Mike, one not doing a full day’s work PARTTIMER
Stage right: Oscar to play guitar ROSTRUM
Tropical tree that may produce most of resin BALSA
Uncle manipulated person with no money, close to despair PAWNBROKER
What youth might want? Ferocious setter and endless belief! STREETCRED
Winning answer had to involve European AHEAD
Write article about a miserable place in California PASADENA
Young dog biting male’s shoe PUMP

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