The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,756 – Aug 17 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
Adult allowed to wear most of these jumpers? ATHLETES
American swallowing nothing? On the contrary, one’s probably hammered NAIL
Artist father’s gone to bury INTER
At home with Brazilian money — pity penny’s missing, actually INREALITY
Combs over regularly — it gets blown in the wind OBOE
Commitment from kings and queens perhaps beginning to change direction LOYALTY
Demolish half of Rhodes, ancient city DESTROY
End of lockdown too soon? Virtually NEARLY
Enough lace is prepared for seat CHAISELONGUE
Friend in European city follows daughter, mum or dad? PALINDROME
Game writer heading off to purchase container CRIBBAGE
God — a church answer for something that makes everything better PANACEA
Government plot is deviously taking in one Conservative POLITICS
Hate delta on eastern river DETEST
Hostility from Tyson — I am mad boxing him, at heart ANIMOSITY
Initially often overheard pronouncement, say, with a bloomer? OOPSADAISY
Large animal opposite brook POLARBEAR
Massage report’s sure captivating son — it reduces wrinkles TROUSERPRESS
Measure flag STANDARD
Monkey with one’s food SCAMPI
New lamp left off, producing hours of darkness NIGHT
One in favour of the Queen’s new crimson hat MONARCHIST
One perhaps makes you ring author GOLDSMITH
Purses out, rushed to find shop SUPERSTORE
Relative picked up hot snack NOSH
River at the bottom of low uncultivated land MOOR
Scandinavian almost admits criminal must refuse job DUSTMAN
Somewhat dim or talentless human being MORTAL
Wally distastefully pens upsetting poem IDYLL
Writer’s novel I want TWAIN

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