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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,759 – Aug 20 2021 Crosswords Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Abrasive individuals rustling sheep, what they do reportedly STEELWOOL
Appear in Cambridge Footlights, say, and behave badly ACTUP
Calculation device I’ll use, designed to impress friends occasionally around SLIDERULE
Cast finished broadcast THREW
Celebrity very averse ultimately to go hungry STARVE
Change into suit BECOME
Chose page thumb-marked originally in dictionary OPTED
Complete agreement from offspring studying for degree? UNISON
Conceded everyone was in debt ALLOWED
Content leaving employment after month in music group OCTET
Court verdict makes sense JUDGEMENT
Dorothy is lifted, having worried up till now TODATE
Editorials beginning to alter, bringing Telegraph subscribers perhaps READERS
Extreme custom Dorset regularly observed UTMOST
Foretaste of survey on flipping English Received Pronunciation! PREVIEW
Improved demand for card game NEWMARKET
Introduce changes in rebate REDUCTION
Loose way of working police officer rejects UNTIE
Mask thief fashioned that’s rudimentary MAKESHIFT
Meagre salary lieutenant’s right to divide PALTRY
Move by government at last becoming economical BUDGET
Old politician stops dog finding fluffy ball POMPOM
Reject skipper essentially going aboard small vessel SPURN
Restaurant employee, one spilled Adam’s wine WATER
Sid signed off, getting dizzy spells GIDDINESS
Sport in which Jack plays important role? BOWLS
State of bird having swallowed stone sadly MINNESOTA
Tea that’s inferior to instant coffee MOCHA
Twig at intervals swimming coach admits being confused CHAOTIC
Weapon that injures a troublemaker contains uprising TASER
Worker supports subordinate revealing secret UNDERHAND