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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,769 – Sep 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Action during championships must get evidence of ownership TITLEDEEDS
Artist is too cruel, represented with no end of hope COLOURIST
Be quiet because occupied by the French SILENCE
Bear tweets, finding sources of water! STANDPIPES
Bill has no time for problem POSER
Bother found in a good half of ground AGGRO
Busy, and furious dismissing Republican for good ENGAGED
Cash from article failing to appear in atonement? PENCE
Exploit delay in case of finance body FUSELAGE
Feature of a hawk leaving Marxist alone TALON
Fights fixed cost to cover business degree COMBATS
Impotence of father visiting Cuzco perhaps INCAPACITY
Instrument carried by fliers on a raid SONAR
Irritated, with tons stolen from shop SORE
Line dismissed by travelling salesmen as a group ENMASSE
Medic performing easy work off the record MOONLIGHT
No through road that’s shut CLOSE
Non-striker may be bowling initially — need support BLACKLEG
One’s belt is loose, that’s apparent OSTENSIBLE
Opportunities to employ court professionals DOCTORS
Promo they upset intermittently HYPE
Recover strength for meeting in common cause RALLY
Retired hotel employee, one with business abroad EXPORTER
Rides a white horse? SURFS
Scrap answer after seeing nothing in it IOTA
Shifting worst, keeping the Spanish tools TROWELS
Stag party undressed by first of hens HART
Stumbles across church army feature! TRICEPS
Think, love, before American gets heavy PONDEROUS
Venue suffering glitch in centre NIGHTCLUB
Writer’s block, and poet is upset NOTEPAD
Wrong maps included in quote for temporary accommodation CAMPSITE