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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,777 – Sep 10 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Actor Nigel changes set for a new scene? RELOCATING
Americans enjoy this wretched dance BASEBALL
Bishop first to eat egg on the counter, most substantial BIGGEST
Casanova in Paris, dear, embracing what comes to hand? CHARMER
Creature lawn firm fails regularly to rub out ANIMAL
Dash off to see son perform in pool? SCRAWL
Dig electronic signal that’s useful for eating out BARBECUE
Feels anger stops after this? SEESRED
Fifty per cent of adults add up in the mind MENTALLY
Forwards including a captain? AHEAD
Fraction of this clue plus this letter? EIGHTH
Lots of money taken from you, and aboard ship THOUSANDS
Massive smash coming up with ‘Shaking All Over’? EARTHQUAKE
Officer is stern over alarm I’d set off REARADMIRAL
Old coin located beside Scottish island claimed by the Spanish academic EDUCATIONAL
Oppose West End show? PLAY
Out of shape Corsica don boxes, getting squeezed for notes ACCORDIONS
Pair of idiots batting, getting knocked back and hit ASSASSINATE
Penned in doggerel, one line’s spreading sad feelings LONELINESS
Rowing, equalling travels around two rivers QUARRELLING
Slow boat going to Spain, transporter that’s sunk TUBE
Static charged particle going about small entry INSERTION
They regularly dip and rise, first to last OARS
Tintin’s naughty knees-up? CANCAN
Turned up what thieves might hide and drop here? TOOLSHED
Used by rabble-rouser, van terrorised man SERVANT
What traditionally was carried up the hill — light when delivered! PAIL
Where deposits build up both sides of the Nile, say BANKS