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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,780 – Sep 14 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Bill with hat stuffed with old paper TABLOID
Bouquet for every female with only 50 per cent of volume PERFUME
Built European court with grass planted outside ERECTED
By chance I had to interrupt speech by friend ACCIDENTALLY
Clothes to show off about GARB
Competition still tense EVENT
Criminal embargo on returning weapon BOOMERANG
Dance from African country with different ending CONGA
Defies old boy very regularly in Norfolk town DISOBEYS
Everyone wearing extra small clothing OVERALLS
Farmer casually comes back, fencing area of land ACRE
Feeling blue ATMOSPHERE
Flipping go mad BATS
Game starts to slide, creating unruly crowd SCRABBLE
Gas oven I can sort out CONVERSATION
Headless chickens are following new trap ENSNARE
Huge resistance after one picked up tailless rodent ENORMOUS
Legal student, for example, with sex appeal I partner LEGITIMATE
Let down daughter and sip a Pinot, drunk DISAPPOINT
Massive precious stone lifted by adult MEGA
Maybe present chaps ahead of time for medical care TREATMENT
Perhaps relish crisis PICKLE
Provoke cuckoo teasing it INSTIGATE
Renounce green reforms surrounding energy RENEGE
Row, getting fit around river ARGUE
Single aunt acted wildly, embracing husband UNATTACHED
Small and tasteless articles, editor said STATED
Spades I loaned mum SILENT
They could be blooming nice vegetables SWEETPEAS
Where you’ll see races keep so many gathering EPSOM