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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,797 – Oct 4 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
About to cross where French boy gets a Swiss roll, say ROULADE
Accordingly, American follows half of them THUS
Action to secure both sides of dragline crane, maybe WADER
Advance warning from principal teachers at university HEADSUP
Busy teashops needing to save time straightaway POSTHASTE
Calm, primate eating nutritious seeds APPEASE
Chaplain might offer tramp religious education PADRE
Cook using good sieve GRIDDLE
Dramatist newspaper chief crossed TRAVERSED
Employed by London-based newspaper now and again ATTIMES
He, a stoic, a smashing prime minister TAOISEACH
Holly, for example, enduringly popular EVERGREEN
Hooter goes at end of great championship game SUPERBOWL
Hot stuff, colour sergeant with band REDPEPPER
Keep out of Soweto, we reckon TOWER
Label under meat dish reveals symbol HASHTAG
Leaders of our Liberal Democrats, advanced in years OLD
Line among pages may, unfortunately, mess around with one’s feelings PLAYGAMES
Live adequately under daughter’s roof DWELL
One not spotted in game DOUBLEBLANK
Pair, uneasy at first, entering function DUO
Pay wife to decline WAGE
Playboy’s name missing from column, last in article RAKE
Prophet using common sense about crazy paintings surrealist initially put up NOSTRADAMUS
Publican’s secret stock inside INNKEEPER
Put up piece for executioner HANGMAN
Quandary of Miss Woodhouse perhaps, after returning hat DILEMMA
Show lack of interest in Irish rugby SHRUG
Show violence towards powerful member STRONGARM
Somebody touring clubs in the past ONCE
The Spanish show respect in joint ELBOW
Unnecessary to sound off about day with nothing on in retreat REDUNDANT