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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,800 – Oct 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
A broken bit in tall building SHARD
Animal’s extreme idleness SLOTH
Chaps in the wrong newspaper boss harassed TORMENTED
City children (not just one of them) outside old university ROUEN
Dramatically represent a cold solicitor ACTOUT
Dread terrible wickedness when reckless person appears DAREDEVIL
Drink up and hang around for a piece of cake PUSHOVER
Expert finds more faults, sadly — nothing missed MASTERFUL
Feeling bad — at rock bottom? LAIDLOW
Flames apt to get out of control? Colliery finally introduced ____! SAFETYLAMP
Frenzied female in charge full of bluster FRANTIC
Good ‘uns getting angry — one’s been fired GUNSHOT
Heartless custom associated with India or another country HAITI
In a row, angry, after inconclusive result TIERED
Insincere talk when philosopher is given a hearing CANT
Kipling’s boy has on old garment KIMONO
Member of family in trouble, right to be locked in BROTHER
Most convivial male monarch, one in repose MERRIEST
Not up? But you may be up if you are here! DOWNSTAIRS
Omen of wickedness — there’s little good in it SIGN
Pollute narrow passage DEFILE
Rod very briefly disappearing with nasty look LEER
Schemer recruiting criminal about to be found out INTRIGUER
See great new items of furniture ETAGERES
Trainee hangs round hospital? That’s fishy CHUB
Treated cruelly in short conversation — upset about it BRUTALISED
What domestic arsonist may do? One gives a warning LIGHTHOUSE
Wicked woman posing Spooner’s question about existence LOTSWIFE
Wit’s formula, so sad, spouted with one passing away? FAMOUSLASTWORDS