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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,805 – Oct 13 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

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Clues Answers
Anxious as guitar part not quite complete FRETFUL
Assistant wants line put into a flirtatious note ACOLYTE
Be a really good person — or cruel and brutal one! BEAST
Beer without head: that is disturbing EERIE
Character from Titanic holding up duck OMEGA
Conservative-Liberal relationship brings outcry CLAMOUR
Drain to make white, not black LEACH
Empty beer containers for these traders? BREWERS
ESP in later years keeping old in secret work ESPIONAGE
Fine and well-built swimmer HUNKYDORY
Flow easily with crude oil making capital TRIPOLI
Impressive meow as Siamese at last moves AWESOME
Item with Oedipal strings attached? APRON
Lying down as quickly as possible FLATOUT
Michigan port appealingly elegant in the past CHICAGO
Morse’s first name and last always stated ENDEAVOUR
Novel about British deposing leader in holy city REBECCA
One can relate well to race run poorly RACONTEUR
Playwright born an Algonquian speaker SHAWNEE
Row backed about Virginia’s prevarication EVASION
Ruralite wrong to ditch large pot plant ETRURIA
Second goddess with vacant expression still here? SHEBEEN
Servant concealing crime in holy residence PARSONAGE
Skating facility shortly opening by sea BRINY
Small country on radar in revolt ANDORRA
Song about Zulu on in state ARIZONA
Suppose one will receive letter from Greeks OPINE
Tight one is come to cut back ECONOMISE
Traitors getting round Spain’s local taxes RATES
Vessel needing time on River Po FLOWERPOT
Wanting best from Handel? It is magical ELITISM
Watch perhaps seen in American magazine article TIMEPIECE