The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,984 – May 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Abandoned objective hurt feelings OFFEND
Alfred was known to be this good at singular times, and novel THEGREATGATSBY
Anger as sacked without protection IRE
Becoming degenerate and attending races GOINGTOTHEDOGS
Bishop goes in for starter of spicy soup BISQUE
Browbeaten after changing the decor? HECTORED
Censure check TICKOFF
Country shoot arranged by the French LESOTHO
Different standard adopted by parliamentary constituency on energy SEPARATE
Dismissed heavy defeat with leader gone OUT
Down, as my career ruined the Oscars, perhaps AWARDSCEREMONY
Grasped the principle of putting curtains up? (3,3,4,2,2) GOTTHEHANGOFIT
Handle short cut holding chap up NICKNAME
Hate seeing criminal doesn’t eat it DETESTATION
Independent test after end of term must be better IMPROVE
Indicator in support of hard school HARROW
Lively chat about a bishop’s complaint CATARRH
Make a silly mistake ignoring fine mess GOO
No use? Go home upset, being of a similar type HOMOGENEOUS
Peaceful American gets release from duties QUIETUS
Primate will have trouble after resistance in Indian state GORILLA
Raised objective ignoring a record LOG
Rumoured defect attached to new drug on entry level GROUNDFLOOR
Settler’s living with her at last INCOMER
The girl’s in second service, dazzling people SMASHERS
There’s no end of brown in intense colour VIOLET
Tool providing musical touch CATSPAW
Trendy dresser seeing first article under way FASHIONISTA

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