The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,985 – May 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
… issue against party helping CONSIDERATION
Angrier about Church initially roasting witch SORCERER
Assistants covering small digressions ASIDES
Briefly worry people in the pink? CARNATION
Bug rogue planted in American agency CICADA
By inches, pose oddly, showing muscles BICEPS
Carries babies, consuming energy TOTES
Characters inclining towards the right? ITALICS
Chase one’s neighbour, grabbing anything originally! CONGA
Curious cat with smile seeing plant CLEMATIS
Discounts, perhaps without a squabble HASSLE
Doctor since second cut getting violent DRASTIC
Endure sweetheart holding up proposal BIDE
First guitarist in heavy metal? LEAD
Get behind spanked being ignorant BENIGHTED
Hilarity after catching disgusted expression LAUGHTER
Idiots and cronies seizing power CHUMPS
Independent politician innocent with European deadlock IMPASSE
Kingdom, United Kingdom, overturned Remain KUWAIT
Line found in funny gag STRANGLE
Mechanic is possibly hunkier FITTER
Mock one the French Queen rejected UNREAL
Moral rot in republic corrupted … INCORRUPTIBLE
Move to cut cost for routine PRACTICE
Person acting so dubiously? AGNOSTIC
Shakespeare supports rogue dagger holder SCABBARD
Size slimmer, taking a medium DIAMETER
Traveller could give harangue following plane MIGRANT
Tries pinching end of wet suit HEARTS
Turn over motor, even losing velocity CAREEN

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