The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,989 – May 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Bake friend rolls — cut them with this BREADKNIFE
Bit of lore from old salt we’ve intoxicated touring island OLDWIVESTALE
English knight draws empty conclusions ENDS
Everyone easily understood signal that danger is over ALLCLEAR
Far out, where Humpty fell? OFFTHEWALL
Government virtually in charge, still STATIC
Grass, I recall, not half-cut CITRONELLA
Harry, angry about queen, heads off abroad, unhappy MARAUD
Having no post from me, duly open letters in a different order UNEMPLOYED
Identified boy embracing beautiful girl LABELLED
Insect about to bite one scoundrel CICADA
It’s possibly blooming nice prince? SWEETWILLIAM
Knowledgeable, fine article penned by socialist WELLREAD
Mark’s trendy way of speaking including American INDICATION
Material they use regularly captured in picture by a student PHYSICAL
Middle-distance runner caught sheep CRAM
One might blow this small bit of money while going round street PENNYWHISTLE
Practically perfect plan IDEA
Republican greeting flipping angry prisoner — one has a thick skin RHINOCEROS
Some giant eruption up here? ETNA
Something on a mountain, say, that is restricting cold? A hat ICECAP
Strong old labourer finally lifted chest ROBUST
This is radioactive waste not beginning to eat a metal ASTATINE
This might be used for putting young animal outside pound CLUB
Upper floor of seats not right for kitchen area GALLEY
Vet covers places with variable rate VELOCITY
Vile, horrible EVIL
Working a lot, Parisian’s ambitious ASPIRATIONAL

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