The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,992 – May 20 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A kiss in middle of night causes cancelling AXING
Book Sartre edited ARREST
Buzzer to get service in dump FLYTIP
Calculates 50 per cent of 13 — drink needed! ADDSUP
Cavil at Tube-rail returns showing invalidation REBUTTAL
Concentrates while taking in game ABRIDGES
Decoration sported by a boater? HATBAND
Dragon’s den by the sea? BOARDINGHOUSE
Drinks held up, bowed to both sides ROUNDSHOULDERED
Father cycled — managed to get confused ADDLED
Funny things, boats, if a person stands on top ONELINERS
Gander caught in golf course GLANCE
Grandfather taking sides — that hurts, one complains GROUCH
Hide in shower PELT
I say, Cadillac should be parked by American high-flier ICARUS
Implies knight is joking for the listeners SUGGESTS
Moaned, beginning to get annoyed about signs of doziness GRIZZLED
One should sit in bed to work, in the main ANCHOR
Possibly 50 musicians or 100 — that guy’s creative work is revolutionary ORCHESTRA
Prior to Quins trials, dropped now and then UNTIL
Projected suffering after boozing in different places OVERHUNG
Queen perhaps given male gender? CHESSMAN
Remedies to host failing to accept Russian money TROUBLESHOOTS
Rubbish set alight by crowd LANDFILL
Seven ingredients put in simmered — he added ginger? REDHEAD
Something we say is elusive or remains? GOLDDUST
Swerve stag maybe when do’s start is changed to five VEER
This poser is after snappy conversation CROSSWORDPUZZLE

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