The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 29,994 – May 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Actress, as Doolittle, affected by that role ELIZABETHTAYLOR
After visiting the theatre one may be laughing uncontrollably INSTITCHES
Budget speech lacking oomph, at the start RATION
Charge, briefly, involves money invested on top of everything else TOCAPITALL
Charlie having turn on large merry-go-round CAROUSEL
Cleaner having nap before noon exercises DAILYDOZEN
Comedy duo in landau Harry led out LAURELANDHARDY
Democrat in drubbing, almost tearful MAUDLIN
Disgraceful event in examination — boy shown up SCANDAL
Examine outside of every individual wooden box TEACHEST
Exclude group’s first report BANG
In area I don’t know, I got an idea abroad for a novel APASSAGETOINDIA
Italian in navy reread fine novel VANITYFAIR
Morse changing name and address SERMON
Needing to be done quickly in plant RUSH
Opposed to increases in a tax, initially AGAINST
Period of British rule concerning Cyprus — see information inside REGENCY
Quality of sound coming from piston engine TONE
Record crowd causes congestion LOGJAM
Right editor, best for tabloid? REDTOP
Rope in mate, the roofer TETHER
Shown again looking embarrassed about fuel, energy … REPEATED
Sow hit hard on the head must become dizzy? SCATTERBRAINED
Spoil attractive person DISH
Tests: exams including endless study ORDEALS
The old man having issues over leisure activity PASTIME
Unknown character close to stage, very much a fanatic ZEALOT
Unusually tart, I constantly scold revolutionary dramatist RATTIGAN

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