The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,001 – May 31 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Expressionless, unexciting’ — review unfavourably DEADPAN
A little bee getting hog agitated? No — it’s an enormous insect GOLIATHBEETLE
Balham renovated by painter in palace ALHAMBRA
Despite its name, it’s normally neither useful nor amusing! PRACTICALJOKE
Does their work make them go up the wall? PLASTERERS
Galloping horse with just a light rein, we hear? SHOWER
Inclination to get book for pound, all else being equal BEVEL
Insane, having a fossil-fuel vehicle in this island MADAGASCAR
Like chutney perhaps, put on the table in advance? PRESERVED
Liking to write church music? PENCHANT
Long time with northern Conservative getting unknown sales interests AGENCY
Make notes on this and get degrees before too long BASSOON
Mark redeployed as organisation’s first prophet APOSTROPHE
Marries in midweek? WEDS
Message going to eastern European — with this? TELEGRAPHPOLE
Mike has to request lockdown accessory MASK
Obstruct a place in the market STALL
Order leader of yeomen to follow command OBEY
Past agreement with heartless Terence needs attention YESTERYEAR
Queen leaves festival in this direction EAST
Renewed and rebuilt tables in back of major English independent workshop REESTABLISHED
Spot some jelly in Nigella’s pictures ASPIC
Stands in seeds I put out DEPUTISES
Stars displeased — son and daughter missing — becoming agitated PLEIADES
Stopping near, doctor primarily should achieve such a manner BEDSIDE
Using drugs looking for partner in the Home Counties? SEDATING
Utensils provided for cricketers OPENERS
Zero movement in such a window OGIVE

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