The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,019 – Jun 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Anger after hospital department’s full ENTIRE
Avoid John’s broadcast LOSE
Bear in mind politician is under fire? Not half! REMEMBER
Carpet is fixed with small drills PRACTISES
Delight from learner after parking with no trouble PLEASE
Exciting Republican in charge after vote ELECTRIC
Focused on coin in case next to diamonds CONCENTRATED
Get reduced settlement CONTRACT
In regret, neighbour turned up record ENTER
In the centre, teenagers fight roughly ABOUT
Is it wrong and sly to remove all leaders vigorously? STRONGLY
Meet doctor she blames leaving hospital ASSEMBLE
Most jolly times involved embracing sin MERRIEST
New gear after work, girls? Aida may look better with these on OPERAGLASSES
Organised golf with my boss south of Scottish island ARRANGED
Petty officer upset with media abuse OPPRESS
Plant that can sting bug NETTLE
PM almost nobody supports later AFTERNOON
Pretend to follow former lover’s demand EXACT
Relationship from a little time in Brazilian city RATIO
Remarkably, Conservative initially isn’t attending latest party SOCIAL
Renovated castle, keeping area or moving staircase? ESCALATOR
Responses concerning suits REACTIONS
Skirt hem easily hides thread THEME
Smells, on reflection, concealing a flavour SEASON
Son was concerned, getting frightened SCARED
South American writers beginning to experience apprehension SUSPENSE
Spy regularly wants to gather information AGENT
Urged to change top getting dolled up DRESSED
Variety of bread, however one looks at it NAAN

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