The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,020 – Jun 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
& 9 Across Insensible, riotously enter party venue? NUMBER
Arduous experience in gold trade ORDEAL
Bad rhythm that’s unusual OFFBEAT
Blockhead starts to aggravate serious situation ASS
Boss one prone to social blundering? GAFFER
Cambridge college changed meal menu EMMANUEL
Cheers — one guzzling wallop in South Seas location TAHITI
Complaint the writer intends to raise in sober society ANAEMIA
Construction to suddenly crumble for example? SPLITINFINITIVE
Corrupt Chilean keeps position, shaking trade syndicate HANSEATICLEAGUE
Dr No book reworked opening device DOORKNOB
Fine artist showing African plant OKRA
Fun with codes cracked, or bewildered? CONFUSED
Insect losing head sees deadly snake ASP
Mike joins two Europeans devouring Zulu appetiser MEZE
Nice chap conceals weapon in clothing GARMENT
One’s Shakespearean king sent up country ISRAEL
Perhaps Spanish force maiden into a drama school ARMADA
Religious sort to differ about holy books VOTARY
Revolutionary shot sappers, the monster OGRE
Rubbish initially carried in one French vessel URN
See 10 Across TEN
Staff meeting generates order MANDATE
Strikers in this game on TV? MATCHBOX
Tactic initially used by city group TRIO
Threesome without end relating in complex way? ETERNALTRIANGLE
Two articles about male with woman’s name AMANDA
Was it this attracting Beauty to the Beast? ANIMALMAGNETISM

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