The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,021 – Jun 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Ambushed by lunch as team’s dissolute UNCHASTE
Average diner with teatime special INTERMEDIATE
Constant interference? STATIC
Coppers in prison cell, half cut PENCE
Cycle part includes bolts occasionally ROTATION
Dodgy casinos led to being miserable DISCONSOLATE
Fasten around the woman’s uplifted bust APPREHEND
FBI agent, alternatively a gumshoe’s hat? FEDORA
Friend’s revolting make-up SLAP
Hedge circles complete with hedge STONEWALL
International treaty is optimum IDEAL
Judge good stopping EU over asylum REFUGE
Keen to be camping? INTENT
Left supports socialist’s leader jesting SPORT
New York look with new material NYLON
Plug act in cape SPIGOT
Public outside nearly until morning? OVERNIGHT
Renounce Circle Line train DISCLAIM
Report vagrant waylaying individual DOSSIER
Sailor also called foreign port OSAKA
Some wiser monotony for preacher’s speech SERMON
Streaking, laughing, following Spurs’ final SHOOTING
Suffering amateur covering Queen HARM
Sweetheart’s overly feminine upping pace FOOTSTEP
Taking part and winning ENGAGING
Theme or point in conversation, initially TOPIC
Tie given by tasteless spouse STALEMATE
Unusually bathes in drink ABSINTHE
Wind swallowing tablet turning sweet LOLLIPOP
With net, relax, reportedly, on this? TRAPEZE

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