The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,022 – Jun 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Bob, for instance, or I had to be replaced HAIRDO
Botham, say, having last of Tests here LORDS
Challenge intended to undermine Democrat leader in election DEFIANCE
Cheat with ultimately unsuspecting sweetheart, making bloomer FOXGLOVE
Cleric, comparatively dull one perhaps CARDINALNUMBER
Content to leave Australian organisation extremely soon ANON
Departed with lady on vacation not long ago LATELY
Designs popular equipment for campers INTENTS
Dress style she flouted for working outside hospital OFFTHESHOULDER
Expressing refusal, say, to enter local NEGATIVE
Good person departs over primarily unscrupulous boss STUD
Habitual sunbather in Cornish coastal area LIZARD
Joint second-placed team on Olympic podium? SILVERSIDE
Martial art genius occasionally visiting this country, upset receiving fine KUNGFU
Month away from uni, it surprisingly brings enjoyment FRUITION
Old chap in short coat COVE
Piano or piece of furniture that’s easily moved PORTABLE
Plot a snub for the audience getting award CITATION
Reportedly charge nothing to reach American city PHOENIX
Shielded dealer in stolen property, diamonds FENCED
Solution to receding hairline uneasy Rupert adopts SYRUP
Sound that comes from artist performing STRAIT
Spot youth at intervals enthralled by French resort NOTICE
Stink pair of females at home raised NIFF
Stuart essentially is touring foremost island paradise UTOPIA
The US radio broadcast given official sanction AUTHORISED
Wickedness in current revolutionary EVIL
Worry about appearing in newspaper FRET

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