The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,024 – Jun 27 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Agent deserted by fine player ACTOR
Budget speech, not one’s first RATION
Cartoonist’s count, when shown saving maiden ADDAMS
Cremated? Ashes vase placed in garden plot BURNED
Drama after member of rowing crew shows one way to compete on course STROKEPLAY
Everyone attending is of normal intelligence ALLTHERE
Fictional character from Charlotte, as newly portrayed by artist SCARLETTOHARA
Heavenly, a cake decoration ANGELICA
Journalist travelled up to cover it EDITOR
Lean minor lacking energy LISTLESS
Learned line to say again LITERATE
Left in women’s quarters in Manhattan area HARLEM
Mock Juliet about English being upwardly mobile? JEER
Organised party meetings, originally irregular RANDOM
Other half to make changes? Say nothing! ALTEREGO
Paint to be treated in a church? If need be ATAPINCH
Pilot to decline cheapest accommodation STEERAGE
Reportedly follow story TALE
Robe of doctor in family circle KIMONO
Screens the end CURTAINS
See what’s handed in before leaving NOTICE
Showman from Rhode Island breaking a promise, unfortunately IMPRESARIO
Source of irritation in main road leading to the Louvre? ARTGALLERY
Spring fashion garment JUMPSUIT
Suitable job involving one employed by primate APPOSITE
Touch guards with armed robber BANDIT
What monarchs may do ultimately, say, after extended rest? LIEINSTATE
Wild cat biting a reindeer’s head and part of throat LARYNX

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