The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,025 – Jun 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A certain stage in hippie revolution? PIER
A particular sort of English coming from this mouth? ESTUARY
A penalty? Good FINE
A pound for such garment ALB
Animals with young losing head, going under barrier WALLABIES
Antelopes cosy having swapped ends? GNUS
Assurance of girl, fifty GALL
Avoid duty, with receding gums and broken leg SMUGGLE
Clever self-supporting structure ARCH
Condemned in pub for swallowing ecstasy tablet? IBUPROFEN
Disguise with patchy colours? I don’t see it myself! CAMOUFLAGE
Dress up and show off BRAG
Economise on resources? It’s futile USELESS
Glean vice in translation of the Gospel EVANGELIC
Impatient sound from old king? TUT
Note seen in apartment FLAT
Pope, perhaps, is able to be a friar? FRANCISCAN
Publicity gets nothing — bother! ADO
Rebuilt as top grub venue? GASTROPUB
Regal tour arranged for governor? REGULATOR
Repetition from speech organiser ECHO
Spice island MULL
Stag arranged in jelly? Just the opposite AGAR
Summarised contents of sailors’ leaflets ABSTRACTS
Supply initially with Charlie (drug): that leads to ruin SCUPPER
These deserve a good ticking-off CHECKLISTS
Trotted in the highway, reportedly RODE
Universal senior service vessel URN
Very little drops from this? NEBULISER
Whale, first of rorquals etc, jumping in somersault CARTWHEEL
With urgency and cunning, put spear into it STRIDENTLY
Would this Scandinavian whisper sweet nothings? NILS

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