The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,026 – Jun 29 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Affluent provider of 11 to act WELLTODO
All home-brewed — a new product from the baker WHOLEMEALBREAD
Attitude underpinning footballers’ wily ploy FASTONE
Bishop and Brazilian couple going back for room BOUDOIR
Blended contents of solid fuel OIL
Capital advises by radio on hospital administrators locally PARISHCOUNCILS
Charlie may turn up for drink COGNAC
Child’s toy muffling bird song LETITGO
China’s standard warning? REDFLAG
Cleaner, Flash, regularly put on lavatory LOOFAH
Clear line adopted by agitated vets in feed SELFEVIDENT
Concede maid works best after time ADMITDEFEAT
Disciplines studied by dancing star? PERFORMINGARTS
Dog bed in its new home at last SCOTTIE
Giant insect covering a couple of metres MAMMOTH
Guideline set by Tom when in charge? RULEOFTHUMB
Insensitive? I’m not sure editor counted NUMBERED
My bill! COO
Note milk supplier cut flying MIDAIR
Nothing in rejected account is private TROOPER
Overdramatised and had daughter by former Rolling Stone (not Jack) EXAGGERATED
Poor toddler who ate last of food must be asleep DEADTOTHEWORLD
Short sharp tug, and snake gets a rodent JERBOA
Strained, being annoyed about demand after vacation RIDDLED
There’s no end of nosh in spectacular spread SOW
United — sending off anonymously UNSIGNED
Uplifting spread allowed such a communication TELEGRAM
Wash up for bestie, perhaps PAL

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