The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,028 – Jul 1 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Prepare to be talked down to’? LISTENUP
‘Rude butcher!’ — aggrieved customers often scream it BLUEMURDER
Arty composition from admirer — it’s a refined article FANTASIA
Brad, doing backflip in gym, must be flexible PLIANT
Bribe to provide roof for a humble home BUNGALOW
City with listing feature in many travel guides PISA
Climbing in Norway, deer graze with voracity GREEDY
Drawn to melancholy, you need closure SHUTDOWN
English footballer’s partner’s first payment WAGE
Fashionable ring from the East given decorative setting INLAID
Festivity at number one — turned up for unveiling REVELATION
Horse and rider encounter grumbling online? EVENTING
Large portion of chicken or moussaka ENORMOUS
One gets access to rifle stores LOOTER
Package coming from Parisian in ‘Five Run Off Together’ ENVELOPE
Physically, one working party confronts the Queen LABOURER
Place located after a drive AVENUE
Politely, knocking on yokel’s door to get housing resolved YOUNGISH
Publicist loves to receive books directly PRONTO
Rough verse being penned in ‘A Representation of Serbia’ ABRASIVE
Sweet thing lying in bed that may get dressed for afternoon tea STRAWBERRY
Taking a new order, need import or trade-in REDEMPTION
There’s only one month this long AUGUST
Tremendous beat used in chorus SMASHING
Two dogs maybe seen by railway — those involved should be strung up PUPPETRY
Wellington’s content with grouse BEEF
Wet blanket died — brief epitaph follows DRIP
Withdraw from power pow-wow in NY, attracting publicity UNPLUG

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