The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,037 – Jul 12 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Administrator from former chemicals company always has no manners OFFICIAL
Boats cross this rebuilt canal — it’s about time ATLANTIC
Conservative found entertaining politician screwed up CRUMPLED
Cord restricting knight’s weapon LANCE
Cunning anarchist hides ARCH
Design aircraft with no tail PLAN
Golf club with no parking, say UTTER
Heartlessly bribes peers NOBLES
Meat around noon comes with its rewards BENEFITS
Melt old penny I found with small crack DISSOLVE
Moderate cider teen’s drunk INTERCEDE
Ordered the large round power cable TELEGRAPH
Perhaps fool’s turned anxious STRESSED
Pleased with sandwich’s first filling CONTENTS
Refrain from putting burden mainly on American CHORUS
Repaired motorway closed MENDED
Runner miles north of German city, for example, going over river MESSENGER
Sign more leaders dismissed snub IGNORE
Slugged drink with editor PUNCHED
Snake bites left two Europeans numb ASLEEP
Sometimes lie with canine who’s barking ONCEINAWHILE
Sound from organ — one’s enthralled NOISE
Stylish vehicles turned up SMART
Swindle day after coin value reduced CONCENTRATED
Tailor lost her sleeves initially — arms go in these HOLSTERS
The Queen repelled by a relative’s motive REASON
Uniform lost in citadel IDENTICAL
View over wing OPINION
Wash tin including large base CLEAN
What’s carried primarily on ship CARGO

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