The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,038 – Jul 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Artificial fibre seen in a church gallery ACETATE
Bet on yield varying as instructed OBEDIENTLY
Chances covering international match will be quirks ODDITIES
City incorporating weirdly random part of France NORMANDY
Disheartened revolutionary’s dance? REEL
Do a runner from second complainant SCARPER
Expected tense performers DUET
Fellow player possibly met twice with AA TEAMMATE
Friend supporting a Parisienne queen in a biased way UNEQUALLY
Gamble, eating most of dodgy cut of meat BRISKET
General manager must be in — it’s a terrible shame STIGMA
Helps when cover for broadcast is held AVAILS
Horse beginning to panic — that is plain PIEBALD
Inappropriate team from Manchester holding us back UNSUITED
Indulges — if wife gives permission! WALLOWS
It’s all over! WALLTOWALL
Language of bridge is hard SPANISH
Loving look of forest clearing, still timeless GLADEYE
Mean ones to keep identity withheld? ANON
One examines fake requisition when drug goes missing INQUISITOR
One saying nothing about parking charge IMPUTE
Rallies planned to recruit born politicians LIBERALS
Relish hearing of choice — a flower PICCALILLI
Repeat incentive to replace Conservative by pressure PARROT
Ridiculous claim by one area of the UK that’s hostile INIMICAL
Standing question over current situation STATUSQUO
Tailgated dangerously without learner being worried AGITATED
The girl would look a day for such a large amount SHEDLOAD
The new island state with moral values ETHICAL
University administrator may find source of agreement in study DEAN

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