The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,040 – Jul 15 2022 Crossword Answers

A cutting politician’s flipped over — this writing’s unwelcome SPAM
Article definitely in German, third from Merkel not being totally open AJAR
Aunt still stripped off repeatedly, as before UNTIL
Bad reaction of a grouser agitated about parking Sierra SOURGRAPES
Charlie, installed in a post, gets rise ASCEND
Daughter getting into fancy cooking, losing sugary stuff CANDYFLOSS
Gather berries should be black to go with waffle BRAMBLE
General is mellow, getting loud not soft RIFE
Giant nest with odd droppings — many have dropped off here INNS
Gush over girl said to be flawless WELLMADE
How one may come out on top after taking a short cut CLOSECROPPED
Lido’s inelegant entrances? BELLYFLOPS
Maybe diamond and pearls set to be worn by king and queen SPARKLER
Midday meal of ancient times, entertaining move by hotel BRUNCH
Nasty corner pop-art target covers over RATTRAP
Newcomers crushed miming star IMMIGRANTS
One of Rome’s famous rulers, some around 100 ANTONY
Part taken by mascara in Bowie’s gay image RAINBOW
Play with no opening, play with no ending — extremely radical show UNFURL
Ruled roost previously — became cuddly NESTLED
Sailor’s hand-made joint rocks offshore wader REEFKNOT
Scrap rifles — when loaded often they get worn at the rear RUCKSACKS
See papers united on ‘Keeping Up Appearances’ PEERPRESSURE
Sign erected left or top right on map ENROL
Small sides in vessel STEAMSHIP
Take a break every year and exercise PAUSE
Two kinds of beach food to eat and unlimited music ROCKNROLL
Weapon whose user shows a lot of cheek BLOWPIPE
Writer of one’s bio turned up with nothing missing, twice IBSEN
Yearns to own Beatle’s old clothing? LONGJOHNS

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