The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,042 – Jul 18 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A spirit? The old man imbibes rye, mostly DRYAD
Appearance of first person saved by soldiers MIEN
Bishop coming over with pop group BAND
Carefully planned complex ELABORATE
Cat and bat in tree PUSSYWILLOW
Catches taken in serious practice session REHEARSAL
Cosmetic, best applied under cheek FACECREAM
Deed shown in a court ACT
Disease: problem has chap scratching head RUBELLA
Empress having a strain treated TSARINA
English university with typical assorted trees EUCALYPTI
Explicit about king with three daughters CLEAR
First-rate raffle in boozer TOPDRAWER
Focus of attention, medium in story easy to digest LIMELIGHT
Follow heads in Egypt now summing up economy ENSUE
Follow river into dock TRAIL
Friend misled once about female editor on speed CONFEDERATE
Garden of trees? Lily taking in mine heading for terrace ARBORETUM
Inflamed after Conservative intentionally broke the rules CHEATED
International striker on trial TESTMATCH
Mischievous imp in literal phraseology RALPH
Moral tale cut short, allegory female ignored PARABLE
Plans to return tinned meat SPAM
Play tune no end, hit by Adele originally MELODRAMA
Power of leader of Socialist Party? STEAM
Put down extremely rude journalists REPRESS
Signal given by copper close to scene CUE
Swindle man on board ROOK
Sword, first of claymores found in former burial ground EXCALIBUR
Take away from daughter booklet supporting English DETRACT
Trendy? That girl must be with it to take over INHERIT
Trick, good during last act FINAGLE

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