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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,048 – Jul 25 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
Articulate head of faculty given credit around university FLUENT
Attention given after female causes concern FEAR
Blue planet close to Mercury EARTHY
Box not required, missing base SPAR
Critter found in Pakistan – I’m a lynx ANIMAL
Decline small sweet DROP
Exaggerated detail in ornamental needlework EMBROIDERY
Got up to deliver trophy, perhaps ROSEBOWL
Handcart a bishop brought into East London area BARROW
Hare in small photograph? SPRINT
Identify leg fielder PINPOINT
Musical song about exploit CAROUSEL
Natural response involving DI, confused INDISTINCT
Out of order, starts to drink on wedding night DOWN
Part of the woodwork in pub under bridge CROSSBAR
Play along in busy poets’ bar BEASPORT
Signal diamonds? Certainly not NODICE
Something that’ll shock a person of intense energy LIVEWIRE
Stinging insect squashed by fiercest ruminant WILDEBEEST
Sudden inspiration in British downpour BRAINSTORM
Take away sack REMOVE
Take in synopsis DIGEST
Tea before tea dance CHACHA
Thanks poet for tunic TABARD
This helps one to see wine son overlooked RETINA
Unpredictable, expansive old writer WIDEOPEN
Walk casually in street – go round and round STROLL
What may appeal to a diner with love for eastern cooking? TANDOORI
Clues Answers
A wild bender across eastern Scottish city ABERDEEN
Ad-lib from former European politician in shot EXTEMPORE
All are affected by English beer REALALE
Anguish over boundary, reportedly hit very hard and at great speed HELLFORLEATHER
Another heavy weight, individual best SECONDTONONE
Apparition in seasonal show stealing hearts — Marley’s head PHANTOM
Bring up lift RAISE
Discourage fellow cleaner DETERGENT
Dog in street, barking SETTER
Endorse editor’s assistant and writer SUBSCRIBE
Forcefully reprimanded aide that rector foolishly employed READTHERIOTACT
Ground squirrel’s plain tail PRAIRIEDOG
Guitarist, American celebrity, turned up after ten AXEMAN
In which one may see a hooker face controversy FRONTROW
List contains duck and crowing bird ROOSTER
Listen to trumpet initially, and organ HEART
Location surrounding a magnificent residence PALACE
Love enormous Greek character OMEGA
Name character for Othello, say TITLEROLE
Narrated start of romp filled with happiness RELATED
Old king’s unwell, onset of angina OFFA
Quick pint following concert PROMPT
Quite rare, yet growing wild in former times YESTERYEAR
Ring when computer device fails to start OUTER
Ten falling into trap immediately after NEXT
TV could show dope case IDIOTBOX
US rock star trashed rooms across Rhode Island — indefinite number MORRISON
Worn-out elves wait for treatment in fairy story OLDWIVESTALE