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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,049 – Jul 26 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
A disheartened triallist felt pain in a romantic relationship? ATTACHED
A line associated with worthless band’s work ALBUM
Anticlimax revealing wand? FALSEDAWN
Ban, for example, Oscar keeping mass drinking haunt EMBARGO
Bet a blow sadly overwhelms area in a weak state ATALOWEBB
Business groups against type with capital from the East CONSORTIA
By the sound of it, writer identifies talent in developing plots etc GREENFINGERS
Councillor facing rambling chat in southern yard becomes irritable SCRATCHY
Evergreen limes set for cultivation TIMELESS
Have confidence in NHS institution TRUST
Is French and English writer going up to get honour? ESTEEM
Looking round home by turn in road — and part of laundry SPINDRYING
My things scattered on the floor, perhaps CRUMBS
Nice salad prepared to include hot element in Mexican cuisine ENCHILADAS
Noise or otherwise, it’s a feature of coastlines EROSION
Old man with revered figure of yore PAST
One in trite part ruined performance INTERPRETATION
Period of time presented in gallery earlier YEAR
Place in which to find a set of bays? ARBORETUM
Queen in short time has round of intense activity WHIRL
Refer to leaders of cult seen as backward or severe ASCETIC
Remove obstacle from a foreign advertisement UNPLUG
Rent, maybe, from Greek character is put back by western US state MUSICAL
Rust a balcony developed in place for officers? CONSTABULARY
Second person in France entering competition gets distressed CUTUP
Sport endlessly followed by one in beachwear BIKINI
Those detained in a series of engagements? PRISONERSOFWAR
Two articles and piece in end about new feared creature ANACONDA