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The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,056 – Aug 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in The Telegraph Cryptic Crossword.

Clues Answers
7 Down may be encouragement I love CHEERIO
After wine, political wings will accept that is arrogant CAVALIER
All the best gold rings perish ADIEU
Area of potential conflict sees sexy garments making a comeback HOTSPOT
Bank said to have responsibility for animal ROEBUCK
Brandy may see study going west! MARC
Deal badly with worker, taken in by awkward smile MISHANDLE
Dressing no cub wears out BROWNSAUCE
Eagerly accept drink before appearing in court LAPUP
Food firm trapped in embargo BACON
Functional out of uniform fur SABLE
Has long dresses with no end of flouncing OWNS
Improvised setter’s cue on origin of universe IMPROMPTU
Journalist understood this might cut HACKSAW
Justification for affair? OCCASION
Keep a cash supply, saving time for one who doesn’t like spending CHEAPSKATE
Lad visited by doctor with answer — avoid fish BOMBAYDUCK
Mostly produce a favourable reaction on a Spanish flower producer IMPRESARIO
Needle may give bobble regularly with crushed silk OBELISK
No money around the middle of July for luxury OPULENCE
Pains reportedly following stone cold items eaten at teatime ROCKCAKES
Persuades women, leaving balloons SELLS
Poor souls waiting at the hole in the wall? BREADLINE
Primate must welcome son for recess APSE
Rapper’s critic? KNOCKER
Remove underwear and ask for information after operation DEBRIEF
Scarpered from crazed force holding enemy back MADEOFF
Simple line crossed by criminal BALD
Subtle quality of a second artist on the rise AROMA
Supply crack on base EQUIP
The girl’s in a depression, being a fan ADHERENT
What a cowboy needs from girl with nothing LASSO