The Telegraph – CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 30,070 – Aug 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Convent installing computer technology is most pressing matter PRIORITY
Crave unlimited wealth? Get away! BEGONE
Dance orchestra backing alternate pieces from usual artist SARABAND
Delayed changing stair carpet on landing essentially PROCRASTINATED
Determined Spooner’s supposed amount owed DEADSET
Dread faux pas by leader of Tories TERROR
Fabric from China ready for Iranian MATERIAL
Father possibly angry giving up house CLERIC
Fighting lawsuit ACTION
Green politician’s bottom appearing in new advert VERDANT
Herb is awfully arrogant TARRAGON
Inclined to fear brief prison sentence one day TIMID
Individual investment ultimately college must attract UNIT
Jersey police officer’s instruction to motorist? PULLOVER
Maybe gin duty is raised TRAP
Overjoyed when told to go topless ELATED
Palace broadcast gets heard CAUGHT
Parliamentary constituency Swansea teacher captures SEAT
Part requiring European to be intense SEVERE
Perhaps Scot eats game served up with large tortilla wraps BURRITOS
Plunged naked into river OUSE
Protest over Germany imprisoning this writer mounts DEMO
Republican trapped by flagrant lie he wildly exaggerated LARGERTHANLIFE
Seek to persuade trial to dismiss case of assault TEMPT
Spot Queen’s son endlessly meeting female star WHITEDWARF
Surround student, leftist revolutionary, inspiring each main troublemaker RINGLEADER
Uniform from start of last year I’ve right to wear LIVERY
Wide bowled going for drive? ROAD

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